“You Build It, You Run It” Approach Gives Developers Autonomy

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59% of developers acknowledge the importance of the “you build it, you run it” approach and say that they use it. 21% say that the practice is well established and 38% say that they are new to the approach.

“You build it, you run it” is associated with agile software development approaches in which small, cross-functional teams fully manage a product. In this case, the developing team/developers do not have to deliver a product to support teams at the end of a project.

While YBIYRI comes with more responsibility, the developers in the YBIYRI teams are determined to take up the challenge.

The YBIYRI approach offers developers autonomy. The survey found that 87% of developers who work with the highest degree of autonomy are satisfied with their current mix of tasks and responsibilities. This, therefore has a strong impact on overall job satisfaction. It also helps to balance the complexity associated with the job.

The survey titled “State of the Developer Report,” was conducted by Atlassian and involved 2,182 software developers in Australia, India, Germany and the United States.

The sources for this piece include an article in TechRepublic.



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