How To Deal With Constant Notifications Ruining Productivity

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Excessive notifications are one of the main factors for reduced productivity for many employees. This is because they destroy employees’ ability to concentrate by forcing them to perform multiple tasks during work.

The survey was conducted by software company Asana and included 10,624 global knowledge workers.

Breaking it down, global professionals spend 58% of their time on menial tasks such as work communication, information search, switching apps, managing priorities, and tracking status updates. 33% of their time is spent on “skilled” work, while 9% is spent on strategic work to achieve important goals.

For Asana, menial work remains “the biggest barrier to productivity” in the workplace.

To address this problem, employers must empower workers to focus on the task and work that makes them productive. To achieve this, Asana called for structural change, in which leaders must take several useful steps, including defining boundaries and processes, understanding workflows, and advocating healthy working habits.

The sources for this piece include an article in ZDNet.


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