Meta To Charge Metaverse Creators 47.5% On Sales Of Digital Assets

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Meta will charge creators on its VR platform, Horizon Worlds 47.5% on the sale of digital assets.

According to a Meta spokesperson, the fees include a hardware platform fee of 30% for sales through Meta Quest Store, where it searches for apps and games dedicated to its virtual reality headsets.

The company will also ask for a further 17.5% cut on its Horizon platform fees.

The announcement about the fees it will charge came after Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the company will begin testing tools that will allow creators to sell digital assets on Horizon Worlds.

Horizon Worlds, formerly known as Facebook Horizon, is a free virtual reality, an online video game that lets people build and explore virtual worlds.

Zuckerberg explained that in addition to in-world purchases, some virtual world creators in the U.S. will be paid directly by Meta for their efforts, pointing out that creators are rewarded for building worlds that “attract the most time spent.”

Meta’s decision to levy 47.5% on the sale of digital assets on its virtual platform has been criticized. Meta has consistently criticized Apple’s app store fees of 30%. However, it is surprising that Meta is doing the same thing it has always criticized Apple for.

The sources for this piece include an article in Reuters.



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