Women And People Of Color Rate Their Candidate Experiences More Positively

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According to Talent Board’s 2021 North American benchmark research, women and people of color rates their 2021 candidate experiences the highest.

The rankings, which are higher than those of older, male and white candidates highlight a positive trend in diversity and inclusion.

The report also noted some positive developments in other areas, including the willingness to refer others, the perception of fairness in assessments, the perception of fairness in interviews and ageism.

Black male candidates have the highest positive ratings when it comes to willingness to refer others based on their candidate experiences which is 72% higher than white men. Hispanic women, Asian women, and Black women follow behind.

Candidates who identified as Black, Hispanic, Asian, and Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander rated their behavioral/personality assessment process up to 12% higher than Native American/Alaska Native and Multiracial/Biracial candidates.

Although the report highlights a positive trend, much remains to be done to bridge the gender gap and ensure greater inclusion.

The sources for this piece include an article in TechRepublic.



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