People Are Looking For Jobs That Lessen Burnout And Fatigue

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71% of workers are considering a major career change in 2021, 25% are considering changing industry or taking a sabbatical, and 20% are considering starting their own business, working part-time or retiring early.

The report comes from a workforce study that looked at the reasons for the Great Resignation. The study showed people are looking for jobs that do not affect their health, well-being and family time.

Main findings of the report are: people question the role of work in their lives and the ethics of their employers; workers expect an increase this year, with many planning to ask for more; and pay remains a top priority, but workers will exchange pay for more flexibility.

Stress levels remain high: 53% of people say that their work suffers from poor mental health.

The report also found that remote workers are more likely to feel fairly rewarded than those who work in person.

“Our research highlights the extent to which employees’ views of work changed, now prioritizing a wider and deeper range of factors that are more personal in nature. With recruitment and retention among the most business-critical issues, these revelations offer both a challenge and an opportunity for employers as they seek to keep workers engaged and fulfilled, “said Nela Richardson, ADP’s chief economist.

The sources for this piece include an article in TechRepublic.



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