Digital Acceleration Gap Widens Due To Changing Business Demands

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Finance, human resources and IT executives recognize the importance of digital transformation. However, 55% said that their digital strategy is always or often exceeded by the demands of the business.

This has therefore widened the digital acceleration gap, where business needs are changing faster than the technology, processes, and culture needed to keep pace.

In view of the evolving demands on a business environment, culture, technology, structure and processes are finding it difficult to meet these demands.

To close the acceleration gap, the report identified three processes that IT executives can follow: focusing on unified, fast data, focusing on employee experience and skills development, and focusing on breaking down silos to drive automation.

51% of financiers believe that the use of new technologies that can help integrate data between different systems and resolve internal data silos remains key in speeding up planning, execution and analysis cycles.

Companies also focus on skills that help improve recruitment, retention, and overall employee experience. 25% of HR executives ranked resilience and adaptability first among the skills that help companies meet business needs.

The sources for this piece include an article in TechRepublic.


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