Researchers Outline Strategies To Hire Top Tech Talent

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McKinsey researchers have outlined some recommendations that will help companies identify and retain tech talent.

Recommendations include remembering that they are being interviewed by top talent, not vice versa; thinking about candidate experience, not recruitment processes; looking for non-traditional channels to reach candidates; making sure they don’t just hire and forget.

Others include enhancing the role of technological talent, cutting down on bureaucracies and pointless tasks, automation and systematization.

Based on the recommendations, organizations must understand these top talents, apart from what the company has to offer them, including the availability of newer technologies, upgrading skills, and belonging to a culture that values technology.

Organizations are advised to focus on the experience of candidates. “Tech talent wants to meet other technologists, so make sure that engineers and other relevant roles are part of your interview team. Bring your best people to interviews, online events, and conferences,” McKinsey analysts advise.

The sources for this piece include an article in ZDNet.



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