Samsung Signs Deal With Dish For 5G Devices

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Samsung has signed a multi-year deal with Dish to supply the company 5G radios, and phones.

“This is greater than a billion-dollar agreement for Samsung Networks. We will be delivering our first products to Dish later this year,” Alok Shah, vice president at Samsung.

The company is also testing its 5G network using Samsung Galaxy S22 phones and plans to continue using the phones throughout the network deployment process.

Dish, a direct-broadcast satellite provider is building a 5G network using the latest technologies that come at lower costs and offer new services.

“We have an objective to achieve 20% of population coverage but June and we are well on track to achieve that. We have beta users on our network for some time, testing our network. We just have not declared commercial launch and you will see that in the coming weeks,” said Dish Chief Commercial Officer Stephen Bye.

Dish while forging ahead with its goal of setting up network infrastructure in dozens of cities faces the supply chain issues affecting organizations across the world.

Despite the supply chain issues, Dish however has every component needed to reach its target coverage for June.

The sources for this piece include a story in Reuters.



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