Tor Project Upgrades Network Speed Performance

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The Tor Project has come out with a new system called Congestion Control that aims to remove speed limits on the network. This new system is currently running in its latest stable release – the Tor protocol version

According to those who spearheaded the project, Congestion Control will result in significant performance improvements and increased utilization of the Tor network capacity.

The project aims to hide users’ real location and browsing interests, establishing true internet user privacy and anonymity. 

To avoid slowing down internet speed, this new system implements three algorithms, namely Tor-Westwood, Tor-Vegas, and Tor-NOLA, which all help reduce memory consumption and stabilize as well as minimize queue delay and latency:

  • Tor Westwood – minimizes packet loss in large pipes
  • Tor-Vegas – estimates queue length and implements balancing elements
  • Tor-NOLA – functions as a bandwidth-delay estimator.

The Tor project has run simulations to compare versions 0.4.6 and 0.4.7, yielding impressive results across the board,  with enhanced browsing free of speed limitations and bottlenecks, without being a burden on end-to-end latency.

For more information, read the original story in Bleepingcomputer.



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