Biden Partners ISPs To Reduce Internet Bills For Low-income Americans

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President Joe Biden on Monday confirmed a pact with 20 Internet providers to provide higher Internet speeds to low-income American families at reduced prices.

The new development is part of the Affordable Connectivity Program, part of an infrastructure bill passed by Congress that the White House says will help American families reduce their internet by up to $30 a month.

A senior administration official told reporters in a conference call that the companies had voluntarily made the pledges, meaning tens of millions of eligible households will get free internet access.

Low-income households can qualify for the program. The ability to prove that they receive government support through other programs, such as food subsidies or the Medicaid low-income health insurance programs, also makes a household eligible.

The president directed anyone interested in enjoying the service to visit the website,

The sources for this piece include an article in Reuters.



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