Linux New Media Launches Open Source JobHub

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Linux New Media USA has launched a new website for jobs in open-source technology called Open Source JobHub, which will help people find their place in the global open-source ecosystem.

Linux New Media is an open-source publisher behind Linux Magazine and FOSSlife.

Given that 92% of managers have difficulty finding enough talent, and many of them have difficulty retaining existing high-level open-source employees, the new platform will therefore help solve a crucial problem of linking employers with potential workers.

“Open Source JobHub not only covers jobs using open source technologies, but also other roles such as sales, marketing and management at companies dedicated to open source. Our goal is to give the global open source community a specific platform through which to make career connections,” said Brian Osborn, CEO of Linux New Media.

In the first days, the open source JobHub already offers job advertisements from launch partners CloudLinux, Collabora, SUSE, TUXEDO Computers and others. During the launch phase, employees can post up to five jobs for free.

The sources for this piece include an article in ZDNet.


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