Tech Companies Pauses Recruitment For New Workers

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Persistent inflation and market uncertainty have forced technology companies to suspend hiring.

One of the technology companies affected, Salesforce, a cloud software company, will put on hold the hiring of certain open roles to control expenses.

Facebook’s parent company Meta will also suspend hiring for some engineering positions, in line with the company’s plan to cut spending in certain areas at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, including the development of video and audio calling, and new shopping features.

Other technology companies affected include cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, Uber, Netflix and online trading platform Robinhood.

“Since the onset of the pandemic, organizations have accelerated their digital transformations to support new ways of working and reaching customers. Tech companies have been at the center of it all. Now, they are taking a step back to re-evaluate what they need for future growth. Therefore, so these freezes are most likely short-term pauses,” said James Kohn, research director at Gartner’s HR practices.

The sources for this piece include an article in ComputerWorld.


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