Meta Update Privacy Policy For Facebook And Instagram

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Facebook’s parent company Meta has announced an updated privacy policy for users of its platforms, saying the changes will make it easier to understand how customer information is used.

Basically, the new development means that the company is now trying to make the process of data collection and use transparent.

Meta claims to provide more details about the types of third parties with whom it shares and receives information, and will also provide information about how data is shared between its products.

Some of the major changes include a new setting to give people more control over who can see their posts by default. There are also existing controls for ads that are consolidated into a single interface.

The changes will take effect on July 26, but WhatsApp and some other products will not be affected by the update.

According to Meta’s chief privacy officer Michel Protti said the company wanted “to better explain what is expected from us and those who use our platforms.”

He went on to explain that the new update would include when the company can disable or terminate accounts, as well as additional details about what happens when an account is deleted.

The sources for this piece include an article in BBC.

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