60% Of Employers Switch To A New Hybrid Scheme

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According to a survey conducted by Robert Half, 60% of employers have introduced hybrid work as the “new normal.”

According to 73% or technology leaders surveyed, the remote workings affects opportunities for more junior team members to develop new skills.

69% of employers surveyed said that working from home makes it more difficult to identify potential problems for employees, such as mental health problems. 67% of employers are concerned about corporate culture suffering.

These problems spur executives to encourage employees to return to work. 72% of managers surveyed by Robert Half said they were trying to get employees into the office.

“The progression and skills development of junior workers is something for organizations to keep an eye on. When your most ambitious employees are unable to develop skills or progress in line with their expectations, they will start to look for new roles that can offer more opportunities, rather than risk stagnating or being held back, “said Craig Freedberg, regional director of technology at Robert Half.

For Freedberg, while employees may not wish to return to the office full-time, hybrid working was “a good compromise that allows employees the balance they want, while allowing employers to address retention issues more effectively, which is essential in today’s hiring market.”

The sources for this piece include an article in ZDNet.


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