Many Bosses Seem To Be “Unbothered” By The Great Resignation

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As competition in the tech industry gets fiercer by the day, developers, cloud specialists and cybersecurity professionals resign then change companies at breakneck speed.

According to the 2022 State of Upskilling Report by  Pluralsight, 40 per cent of tech personnel decry the lack of career growth and upskilling opportunities in their current workplace, which is a big factor for them to leave their jobs. Moreover, 87 per cent of the 7,000 respondents expressed a desire to upskill – emphasizing a big opportunity for employers and employees alike.

The problem is that other demands in the workplace often prevent employers from prioritizing upskilling for their personnel. Pluralsight’s report revealed that 61 per cent of tech employees feel too preoccupied to focus on upskilling – the biggest hindrance to development mentioned by the respondents.

This could be directly connected to the skills shortage. Tech teams experiencing staff shortage are already overstretched trying to perform their daily tasks. 

The Pluralsight survey mirrored this sentiment. 18 per cent said their employer prioritized hiring instead of upskilling existing talent, and the same percentage echoed a lack of support from their employer. What’s interesting is that 27 per cent of leaders who took part in the survey also felt unsupported by their managers. 

The reality on the ground is that tech workers feel more emboldened than ever about changing employers, as their skills become more in-demand today with the corporate world largely embracing remote work. The results of the survey encourage employers to continue hiring for the skills they need, but should also equally prioritize upskilling their existing client. 

For more information, read the original story in ZDnet.


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