Gartner Predicts More Human-centric Digital Workplace By 2027

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According to Gartner analysts, the future of work will require a human-centric digital employee experience.

Tori Paulman, senior director analyst at Gartner, explained that a more human-centric digital workplace is inevitable, as IT is no longer solely responsible for overall experience in all companies, and technology is only one component of it.

Yet, despite the vision of this digital transformation, a Gartner study shows that 28% of companies do not schedule time for employees to learn how to use technology for work. For those that set aside time, the majority set aside less than two hours per month.

Paulman revealed that 70% of CIOs expect the same or more employees to work from home in the future, so it is now important that companies invest in “state-of-the-art digital experiences to connect people to one another and to the organizational culture.”

Analysts outlined what organizations need to do to prepare people for the digital workplace of the future, including building effective collaboration intelligence for context-specific interactions and building context intelligence to enable people to work effectively with content to reduce duplication of content.

It is important that employees are equipped with the skills to become more data literate. This will help them to be able to locate, combine, intersect, visualize and analyze it in order to make better decisions.

The sources for this piece include an article in TechRepublic.


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