Oracle Slashes OCI Dedicated Region Price To Widen User Base

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In order to attract a broader range of users, Oracle is slashing the entry price for its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Dedicated Region. 

OCI Dedicated region, which began as a service to allow enterprises to take advantage of cloud technology inside their data centers while complying with data residency and other regulatory guidelines, provides a slew of public cloud services together with Oracle Fusion SaaS applications. 

The provided discount will allow enterprises to sell for an entry price of $1 million a year, Oracle said, saying that the new dedicated region requires 60%-75% less data center space and power on average. To date, the service needed a minimum funding of $6 million in annual consumption for a three-year period.

Oracle said that the demand for cloud infrastructure and the rise in sales of SaaS services boosted revenue to $11.8 billion. The price reduction is therefore aimed to ensure that the expansion in revenue is sustainable.

Oracle, with 38 OCI Dedicated regions globally, also has a distributed cloud strategy with the service, as well as the option of extending it on hybrid architectures via Roving Edge Infrastructure.

Roving Edge Infrastructure consists of local edge devices containing scalable server nodes that are designed to enable Oracle’s cloud services and applications to connect to enterprises.

Finally, Oracle also launched a new OCI Compute Cloud@Customer service in preview. This service is a rack-scale system intended for smaller environments than OCI Dedicated Region and will allow firms to run applications on OCI-compatible compute, storage, and networking in their data centers.

For more information, read the original story in CIO.

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