NetSec Google Filters Brave Search Results From Verified Cybersecurity Sites

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Cybersecurity firm Forces Unseen has released a new ‘NetSec Google’ on GitHub, which filters Brave Search results to show only content from verified cybersecurity and technology sites.

Using NetSec is simple and does not require the use of the Brave browser. Interested users can use it by opening a NetSec Google link on Brave Search and search for anything related to cybersecurity.

After conducting a specific search, the browser returned information from 3,746 web pages instead of all web pages on the search engine index.

Users who like the search results created using the Netsec Goggle, can click on the ‘Follow’ button displayed in the Netsec box at the top of the search results.

Those who prefer Google can use Brave Search Googles to get more refined search results during the search.

“We were really curious if this could help us to break through all the SEO spam and garbage on the internet and help us be more productive in the information security space. As a starting point, we used submissions from /r/netsec to build this Goggle. We intend to incorporate additional sources that give us a strong signal/noise ratio. Currently the Goggle is updated manually, but we plan to automate the process to have an up-to-date Goggle,” explains the Netsec Goggle GitHub project.

The sources for this piece include an article in BleepingComputer.


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