65% Of Remote Tech Workers Demand 20% Raise To Fully Return to Office

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Tech workers who now work remotely say that companies need to sweeten the pot to make them return to full-time work in the office.

65% said it would require an increase of 20% or more to have them back in the office from Monday to Friday, and 6% said that no amount of money would make them return to the office completely.

According to software company Eden’s ‘Where Tech Works’ report, tech workers choose hybrid work for three main reasons: flexibility for at-home responsibilities (37%); flexibility for childcare and/or other family member care (28%); and the position that the commute to the office wastes too much time (22%).

The survey conducted by Eden outlined the attitudes of different age groups toward full-time office work, hybrid work model, or full-time remote work. Generation Z age range preferred full-time office work, and 42% of baby boomer-age tech workers chose full-time remote work as the ideal form of work.

Gen Z’ers decision is driven by a desire to establish work-based connections with other employees and help them manage their growth quickly. Older employees who have already acquired these connections prefer completely remote work setups.

Gen X’ers and Millennials prefer a hybrid work style. 50% of Millennials and 47% of Gen X’ers favor this option because it allows them to take responsibility at home while continuing to try to build their personal careers.

The sources for this piece include an article in TechRepublic.

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