89% Of IT Professionals Waste Time Working With Bloatware Every Week

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Some 89% of the 2,000 IT experts surveyed in a new report by Freshworks say they waste time working with bloatware every week. Bloatware is considered unwanted software. 44% of IT experts also say they would rather have simpler software than more paid leave.

The report by Freshworks therefore highlights the need to find a lasting solution to the lost time caused by irrelevant software use. According to the report, $19,138 per IT professional is wasted annually, or US$84.65 billion per year in the entire U.S. IT industry.

The report found that 70% of IT staff do not speak out and that 70% are reluctant to give feedback on the software their company uses. 21% say they do not want to be seen as complainants, 21% say their company is known to ignore feedback and 17% say they do not believe their company will listen to them.

54% of respondents say that their organization pays for software their IT never use and 45% say that their organization spends too much on tech stacks. 40% say that most of their tech stacks are difficult to use, while 34% say that their organization does not know how to stop paying for unnecessary services.

94% of respondents who outlined solutions for organizations said that companies could benefit from a reduction in their overall software contracts and 71% said that their business would benefit from replacing complex software with simpler software. 63% said they would prefer a single software solution for IT service management instead of multiple software.

The sources for this piece include an article in TechRepublic.


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