63% Of Employers Ditch Academic Qualifications For Skills-based Hiring

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Tech bootcamp graduates, including programming boot camps, report finding full-time jobs quickly, a quick return on their education investments, higher salaries, and better STEM career opportunities.

That’s according to a recent survey of 3,900 U.S. graduates of university bootcamps by U.S. tech education platform company 2U and Gallup.

According to a new study by global HR and payroll services provider Remote, skill-based hiring has increased by 63% in the past year as more employers put experience above academic qualifications.

Remote’s research also found that the pay gap between people with and without degrees has narrowed in many industries, and in some cases, people without degrees can actually earn more than those with bachelor’s degrees by moving up the career ladder.

By eliminating unnecessary and outdated study requirements, employers are opening up a wider pool of potential new hires with skills learned through in-service training, boot camps, and certificate programs.

At Google, a four-year degree is not required for almost any role at the company. Whether applicants are just entering the workforce or have decades of experience, Google looks for people with a growth mindset.

Google asks potential recruits hypothetical and behavioral questions during the application process to understand how they can solve complex problems, anticipate problems, or explain their collaborative skills.

The sources for this piece include an article in ComputerWorld.

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