56% Of U.S. Employees Use Personal File Sharing System for Work

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According to the OpenText report, 56% of U.S. employees use personal file sharing tools for work-related file sharing to facilitate the execution of tasks.

32% of these employees are aware that their company has a policy against this because of the security risk it poses.

63% of workers say they use personal file-sharing systems to share work files, and 44% do so because they believe there is no organizational policy against it.

The lack of effective tools for information management also creates several other challenges, especially for hybrid workers.

When it comes to the challenges identified, more than a quarter (26%) claim they cannot collaborate or share files with colleagues easily when working from home. 26% also say that they cannot access company file systems and content as easily when working remotely. Almost a quarter (21%) struggles to carry between the office and their home the technology and tools needed to do their daily jobs..

76% of U.S. respondents said that they feel that the flood of information contributes to their daily stress. Factors driving information overload include constant information 24/7, pervasive social media, or many apps that are reviewed every day.

With more than 26% of U.S. respondents claiming to use 11 or more accounts, resources, tools, and apps every day, the workload for workers may simply be too high for them not to look for cheap alternatives to get the job done faster.

The sources for this piece include an article in TechRepublic.


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