25 Fully Virtual Companies Without Physical Headquarters

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Remote.co has published a list of 25 virtual companies without a physical headquarters.

These companies include Aha! (51-100 employees) – known as the world’s leading product roadmap software; AirTreks International (25-50 employees) – providing multi-stop travel planning services; Articulate, Inc. (101-300 employees) – producing the world’s best online training software; BELAY (51-100 employees) – providing virtual staffing solutions for small businesses; and Bitovi (25-50 employees) – a web application consulting team that simplifies JavaScript development and UX design.

Buffer is an intuitive, streamlined social media management platform with 51-100 employees; Chargify, a billing software that helps companies collect recurring revenue and simplify their subscription management and recurring billing (25-50 employees); Collage.com – makes custom products easy for anyone to create (25-50 employees); Crossdresser – sourcing, testing and creating remote teams for clients (51-100 employees); Greenback Expat Tax Services – specializes in preparing U.S. expat tax returns for Americans living overseas (25-50 employees).

Jackson River – develops software for nonprofits (25-50 employees); Jungle Scout – provides tools that help Amazon sellers start, grow and scale their businesses (25-50 employees); LiquidSpace – considered the largest real-time network for renting on-demand office space (25-50 employees); Lullabot – designs and builds websites (51-100 employees).

The sources for this piece include an article in Remote.co.

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