IT Professionals See Massive Leap In Digital Transformation And Stress

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88% of IT professionals agree that the demand of the technology profession has changed in the last four years, and they also believe that this has changed the requirements for providing digital experiences in a world of hybrid work.

Despite the leap, however, 66% of respondents feel it is more difficult to become an agent of transformation compared to four years ago. 87% believe that, as technologists, they now need to “constantly reinvent themselves to stay relevant.”

More than half (56%) admit to feeling “disillusioned and burnout.” More than three quarters say they still feel “under pressure to deliver innovation more quickly.” 65% say they are overwhelmed by complexity and data.

Technologists also face the desire to reconcile day-to-day operational responsibility with more strategic and innovation-oriented work. While 59% still spend most of their time on operational tasks, 53% say that their IT department plans to move from a reactive to a more strategic mode, while 23% say that their IT department is still dealing with the problems caused by the pandemic.

For the technologist, the top priorities for this year include application and digital service availability and performance (84%) application security; observability across cloud-native applications and infrastructure; building resilient, agile infrastructure; linking IT performance to business decision-making; and taking a digital-first approach for all services.

The sources for this piece include an article in ZDNet.


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