Amazon And Google Criticize Microsoft Over Cloud Computing Changes

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Microsoft’s cloud computing changes, according to Amazon and Google, restrict competition and discourage customers from switching to competing cloud service providers.

The criticism came shortly after Microsoft announced a new revised distribution agreement that allows customers to use their licenses with any European cloud provider that provides services for their own data centers, but excludes competitors such as Amazon, Google and Alibaba.

The statements of both Amazon and Google representatives strongly criticized Microsoft’s move.

In an email, a spokesman for Amazon’s cloud service unit AWS clarified the company’s position.

“Microsoft is now doubling down on harmful practices by implementing even more restrictions in an unfair attempt to limit competition it faces – rather than listening to its customers and restoring fair software licensing in the cloud for everyone,” Google’s AWS spokesman said.

Vice president of Government Affairs and Policy at Google, Marcus Jadotte was crticial of the company’s decision. He shared his thoughts in a tweet.

“The promise of the cloud is flexible, elastic computing without contractual lock-ins. Customers should be able to move freely across platforms and choose the technology that works best for them, rather than what works best for Microsoft,” Jadotte said.

The sources for this piece include an article in Reuters.

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