Key emerging technologies for 2022 and their ROI probability

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Forrester has identified the top 10 emerging technologies of 2022 and their ROI opportunities now and in the near future. According to Forrester’s report, cloud-native computing and natural language processing are two technologies that are generating significant value.

The report also identified some technologies that are likely to deliver good ROI, including edge intelligence, explainable AI, intelligent agents, and privacy preserving technology.

The report expects the technologies to generate positive ROI in two to four years, but Forrester said they are “still a bit immature. Most companies should not expect a substantial ROI from their investments for several more years.”

Technologies that may never produce significant ROI for businesses include Web3 (which Forester called “more vision and hype than reality”), AI-powered TuringBots (still in their infancy), AR and VR (need time to merge into extended reality”), and zero trust edge (highly technical, complex, and in the early stage”). However, companies are advised to keep an eye on the four technologies so that they can be prepared when they eventually mature.

According to Brain Hopkins, Vice President of Emerging Tech at Forrester, while it is tempting to be one of the first companies to detect and scale a Web 3 disorder, it is important not to jump randomly into emerging technologies.

“Big budget increases make it hard to separate all the shiny toys from those that are important. When the money is flowing freely, you don’t have to be as discriminating … and discriminating you must be,”Hopkins wrote.

The sources for this piece include an article in TechRepublic.


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