CompTIA launches Project Agora to help people start, build, and advance tech career

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CompTIA is now working on Project Agora, a tool that will serve as a source of information and help to anyone who wants to start, planning to stay, and finding success in a career in technology.

This new initiative was announced by CompTIA President and CEO Todd Thibodeaux during his state of the industry remarks at the EMEA Member and Partner Conference in London.

He went on to say that he does so because the tech industry is the fifth most coveted career in the world, behind sales, hospitality, healthcare and general business, and he wants it to be in a better position.

According to CompTIA, people are not attracted to the tech industry in enough numbers. Moreover, the technology industry has the largest confidence gap of any industry. People believe that a tech career takes longer to train for, is harder to understand due to complexity, and is more expensive than other desirable careers.

“The goal of Project Agora is to create the most respected place to start, build and supercharge your tech career,” Thibodeaux said. “With amazing resources and broad support from our members, partners and industry, Project Agora will help people find success in the tech workforce.”

Project Agora also aims to convert people with career intentions to people with technological intentions by enabling them to navigate deep into technical professions and careers, and then create resources to engage users.

“Project Agora is all about unlocking potential, for the industry and for the millions of people we want and need working in IT,” he concluded.

The sources for this piece include an article in Channel PartnerInsight.

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