IBM launches world’s most powerful quantum processor

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International Business Machines (IBM) Corp has unveiled the Osprey, the world’s most powerful quantum processor.

With 433 qubits, the Osprey is by far the most advanced quantum processor in the world. It has twice as many qubits as the previous record holder, Xanadu’s Borealis, which was tested with 216 qubits, and more than three times as many as IBM’s own Eagle, which was announced last year and has 127 qubits.

The new chip is the latest in a series of advances in quantum computing that the company has announced as it prepares for a massive leap next year.

The Osprey has a single layer of qubits atop several layers of control wiring, which allows more qubits to be packed and simultaneously reduces the error rate. An integrated filtering system has now been added to reduce noise and improve the stability of the device.

IBM said that it expects the system to be operational by the end of next year and that it will serve as a basis for “quantum-centric supercomputing” by connecting multiple Quantum System Twos. By connecting three of these systems, IBM says it can create a system with up to 16,632 qubits.

The sources for this piece include an article in Reuters.


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