Amazon Announces AWS Supply Chain

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At its annual AWS re:Invent cloud computing conference, Amazon announced several updates, including new data and security services, AWS-designed chips, and more.

Also unveiled was Amazon Security Lake, which helps enterprise clients aggregate, manage and analyze cybersecurity information from various vendors, AWS SimSpace Weaver, a fully managed compute service that helps customers build and operate large-scale spatial simulations.

There’s also AWS Supply Chain, a new cloud app that gives customers better visibility into the supply chain to help manage risks, lower costs and improve customer experiences was also introduced, and AWS Clean Rooms, a new service that gives customers the ability to create clean rooms for data to collaborate with their partners to better understand raw data.

Amazon also unveiled three Elastic Compute instances powered by new AWS-designed Graviton chips, which are intended for AWS high-performance computing workloads.

The AWS Supply Chain is the icing on the cake, designed to alert businesses when inventories are low and assist them in addressing supply issues that were prevalent during the pandemic. The AWS Supply Chain automatically combines and analyzes data from multiple supply chain systems, allowing businesses to monitor their operations in real time, identify trends faster, and generate more accurate demand forecasts to ensure adequate inventory to meet customer expectations. It also boosts supply chain resilience by offering a unified data lake, machine-learning-powered insights, recommended actions, and in-app collaboration capabilities.

The sources for this piece include an article in Reuters.

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