Chinese newspaper, Global Times fumes at TSMC over new Arizona fab

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The Chinese newspaper Global Times has slammed Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMCinvestment )’s in Arizona as a “dark turn” in the global semiconductor industry, accusing Washington of duping the world’s most advanced chip maker into establishing a wafer fab in the U.S.

This follows the announcement of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) as United States Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (USSMC),

According to the newspaper, TSMC’s decision to invest in cutting-edge technology in the United States demonstrated that Washington had duped it and that the United States was stealing from the world’s most important technology.

The Global Times describes this as a “dark turn” in the global semiconductor industry and accuses the United States of duping TSMC into building new factories in Arizona. It accuses America of stealing the world’s most important technology from “our Taiwan.” The US has been concerned that China, seeking self-sufficiency in chip production, may attack and go to war against Taiwan, claiming control of the country, including control of TSMC.

TSMC’s investment in Arizona will include a 3-nanometer wafer foundry and an upgraded 4-nm fab for advanced chip production. Taiwan’s foundry intends to triple its initial investment in the United States to US$40 billion, up from US$12 billion. US President Joe Biden declared this week, at a ceremony marking the first installation of equipment in the Arizona fab, that “American manufacturing is back.”

The sources for this piece include an article in TechSpot.

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