Corporate executives woo employees back to the office

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The rise of remote and hybrid work styles in the aftermath of a global lockdown in 2020 is upsetting corporate executives, who have been chanting nonstop that employees who work remotely should return to the office and not work from home, because the office is their original work habitat.

It’s worth noting that the corporate executives aren’t just making noise; they’re also making genuine efforts. What you put in to wooing a prospective date is what they are putting in.

According to Advanced Workplace Associates, British workers are in the office 1.5 days per week on average, based on a survey of 50,000 workers conducted in June and July. Among its clients are major retail bank NatWest, the Cabinet Office, and Network Rail.

While according to a Microsoft study published in September, the average user’s number of meetings on Teams has increased by 153% since the pandemic. All evidences of an increase in remote workers.

Andy Rhodes, HP senior veep and GM of Hybrid Work Solutions, suggested a rather self-serving solution to entice these workers back to the office, saying offices should buy HP to make conference rooms more appealing, because nothing says “we value you” like a well-stocked and modern… conference room.

Others propose a hybrid work environment in which employees spend two to three days a week in an office and work remotely on the remaining days because employees are becoming dissatisfied with full-time office schedules.

Meanwhile, computer manufacturers are ecstatic because it is their products that are thriving in all of this.

The sources for this piece include an article in TheRegister.


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