Microsoft partners OpenAI for Bing’s upgrade

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Microsoft may add OpenAI’s ChatGPT features to Bing Search, its search engine, in the coming months as it seeks to compete with Google.

According to The Information, this work dates back several years. The $1 billion investment in OpenAI by Microsoft in 2019 “included an agreement to incorporate some aspects of GPT into Bing.”

Since the agreement was signed, Microsoft and OpenAI have been working together to improve the user experience by integrating GPT into Bing, though it is unclear whether the current version of GPT will power the service.

OpenAI could use ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence capabilities to enable Bing to do more than just return a list of search results; it could also answer users’ search questions in a human-like manner. The technology is the most recent addition to OpenAI’s larger GPT efforts to make AI more human.

Microsoft is preparing to launch a version of its Bing search engine that uses the artificial intelligence behind ChatGPT to answer some search queries rather than simply showing a list of links.

The new feature, which is expected to be available by the end of March, is designed to give Microsoft a competitive advantage over Google. While Microsoft is reportedly negotiating with OpenAI to increase its investment.

The sources for this piece include an article in TheRegister.

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