John Deere launches electric excavator

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John Deere has announced two new products to help customers be more productive, profitable, and sustainable: an electric excavator and a high-tech planting system.

ExactShot, a new sensor and robotics-based fertilizer application system, and a new electric excavator were announced by John Deere. Both aim to accelerate routine tasks while improving their effectiveness and less wasteful.

The ExactShot system employs a sensor to detect when each individual seed is in the process of being planted. As this happens, a robot will spray only the amount of fertilizer required, about 0.2 ml, directly onto the seed as it falls into the ground. ExactShot, according to John Deere, could save over 93 million gallons of fertilizer and reduce the effects runoff fertilizer can have on surrounding water supplies and greenery.

ExactShot can also spray fertilizer at speeds of up to ten miles per hour, covering more ground and fertilizing seeds more quickly and accurately than farmers can by hand. Every day, one ExactShot machine can cover 34 million seeds.

While the Kreisel immersion-cooled battery powers the 145 X-Tier electric excavator. Last year, Deere purchased a majority stake in Kreisel Electric. No other information about the machine was provided.

The sources for this piece include an article in ZDNET.


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