Microsoft says Azure usage notifications are temporarily down

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Microsoft has issued an announcement informing customers that Azure spending notifications on Azure Savings Plans will be temporarily unavailable until mid-March. This is due to a technical issue with its internal processing system.

Customers who use Azure Savings Plans, which allow users to set budgets and track real-time usage, will not receive spending notifications, according to a company advisory to its partner community.

Due to a technical problem with our internal processing system, if you bought Azure Savings Plans for your customers, even if you set budgets, you temporarily won’t get Azure spending notifications,” the company said.

The price of Azure compute under a Savings Plan can be up to 65% less than the list price of Azure. However, if customers consume more hours than they signed up for, they are charged at pay-as-you-go rates and invoiced separately.

Azure Savings Plans claim to help users save up to 65% on resource costs by allowing them to commit to a fixed hourly spend on compute services for one or three years. The savings plan deducts a user’s compute usage until they reach their commitment amount. When a customer’s commitment amount is exceeded, their additional usage is billed accordingly.

Microsoft claims that it is working to resolve the issue and that notifications should be restored by mid-March.

The sources for this piece include an article in TheRegister.

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