Income tax targeting Americans and Canadians on the rise

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According to Sophos researchers, income tax scams targeting both America and Canada have begun. The perpetrators of these scams employ a variety of techniques to dupe taxpayers into disclosing personal information and money.

“As the April 30, 2023 tax filing deadline approaches, Canadians should watch for scams where you’re told there’s money waiting for you,” says Sophos in a tweet.

One common scam involves an attacker impersonating a representative of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) over the phone or via email and requesting personal information, such as Social Insurance Numbers or credit card information. If the target does not comply, they may even threaten arrest or legal action.

Another scam involves sending an email purporting to be from the CRA or the IRS, with a link to a bogus website that appears to be the official site. Once on the bogus site, the victim is prompted to enter personal information that will be used for identity theft or financial fraud.

It is critical to remember that the CRA and the IRS will never contact taxpayers via email or phone to request personal or financial information. Taxpayers should be wary of unsolicited information requests and report any suspicious activity to the appropriate authorities.

As tax season approaches, the general public to remain vigilant and protect themselves from these scams. They can protect their personal information and financial assets by following simple guidelines and being aware of common scammer tactics.

The sources for this piece include an article in ITWorldCanada.

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