Study reveals gender equality concerns in tech workplaces

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A recent study of 1,000 workers in America sponsored by ARRIS Composites found that one in every four women in the technology industry feels undervalued and not respected at work.

The study polled a large number of women in the technology industry, and the findings paint a troubling picture of the current state of gender equality in the workplace. It then discovered that women in technology frequently believe that their contributions and ideas are not given the same level of consideration and respect as their male counterparts.

They reported feeling underrepresented in positions of leadership and excluded from key decision-making processes. Furthermore, many women reported gender-based workplace discrimination and harassment. According to the study, women are slightly dissatisfied with their current jobs (27%) compared to men who are dissatisfied with their jobs (24%).

This is supported by a 2022 study by Ensono’s Speak Up survey, which discovered that 44% of women working in technology in the United States have experienced an increase in workplace sexual harassment in the last five years.

According to ARRIS, approximately 26% of all Americans polled are dissatisfied with their jobs. While men and women face different challenges in the workplace, one in every five men reports not feeling valued at their current job. 40% of those polled intend to look for a new job in 2023.

“American workers say they don’t feel valued at their current workplace. The number slightly rises among women (33%) and it’s something employees are experiencing across all industries. Among tech workers, 1 in 4 women and nearly 1 in 5 men don’t feel valued at work,” the research says.

The sources for this piece include an article in TechRepublic.

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