Global semiconductor chip spending drops 7% in 2022, Gartner

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According to a Gartner research, the top ten semiconductor buyers will cut chip spending by 7% in 2022. This decrease in spending has raised concerns about the semiconductor industry’s future. The industry has grown steadily in recent years, but the decrease in spending by the top ten buyers may signal a slowdown.

According to Gartner, the top ten semiconductor buyers will spend $174 billion in 2022, a 7% decrease from the previous year. Given that the semiconductor industry has been steadily growing in recent years, this decrease in spending is significant.

“The semiconductor industry experienced a slowdown in growth in 2022 due to several factors, including economic uncertainty and supply chain disruptions,” said David Hemphill, Senior Director at Gartner. “However, despite this decrease, the industry is expected to recover in the coming years and continue its growth trajectory.”

It is important to note that a decrease in spending by the top ten buyers does not always imply a slowdown in the entire industry. The semiconductor industry is a complex and dynamic industry, and the drop in spending could be due to a variety of factors. Nonetheless, it serves as a reminder of the industry’s need for continued innovation and investment.

According to Gartner’s latest findings, the top 10 semiconductor buyers reduced their chip spending by 7% in 2022, but the semiconductor industry’s future remains bright. In the coming years, the industry is expected to recover and continue its upward trend.

The sources for this piece include an article in Gartner.


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