Apple’s update to macOS forces Dropbox to drop support for external drives

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The File Provider API, which allows apps like Dropbox to access files stored on external drives, will be changed in Apple’s upcoming macOS Monterey update. This Dropbox update surprised users who rely on local external storage for Dropbox-stored and synced projects.

However, the changes will necessitate that apps support Apple’s new security requirements, including the adoption of the macOS File Protection feature. Dropbox has stated that it will be unable to meet the new requirements and, as a result, will no longer be able to access files stored on external drives. Dropbox users will be able to access files both in their Dropbox account and on their local drive.

Apple’s File Provider API is a way for apps to access and manage files stored on the user’s device or in the cloud. The API changes are part of Apple’s ongoing efforts to improve the security of the macOS operating system. The changes, however, will have an impact on third-party apps such as Dropbox, which rely on the API to provide their users with access to files stored on external drives.

Apple’s macOS Monterey update will require apps like Dropbox to meet new security requirements, including implementing the macOS File Protection feature. As a result, Dropbox will no longer support external drives, but users will be able to access their files via other means. It’s unclear how other third-party cloud storage providers will be affected by this change. Any app that makes use of Apple’s File Provider API will be forced to use the new system folder.

The sources for this piece include an article in AppleInsider.

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