4-day work week trial a success, says Pursuit Marketing

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Pursuit Marketing, a U.K.-based financial services firm, conducted a 4-day work week trial for its employees in 2022, with employees working four 10-hour days per week.

The trial’s goal was to boost employee happiness and productivity. According to the CEO of Pursuit Marketing, Lyndsey Simpson, “we wanted to find a better way of working for our employees that would help them achieve a better work-life balance, while maintaining or even improving productivity.”

After providing a detailed breakdown of the trial’s methodology and results, the trial was reportedly successful, leading to increased productivity and employee satisfaction. According to the report, the trial included 36 employees divided into two groups, one working a 4-day week and the other a 5-day week. The productivity, well-being, and job satisfaction of the two groups were then compared.

The trial’s findings revealed a 20% increase in productivity among those working a 4-day week versus those working a 5-day week. The 4-day week group also reported greater well-being and job satisfaction, as well as lower stress and burnout.

According to the report, employee well-being and job satisfaction improved, and the 4-day work week could be a viable option for other companies looking to improve employee well-being and productivity.

The sources for this piece include an article in TheRegister.

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