U.S.-based Dish Network hit by ransomware attack

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Dish Network, a U.S.-based satellite television provider, was recently hit by a ransomware attack, resulting in a service outage for its customers. Dish’s ability to provide satellite TV and internet services was temporarily disrupted as a result of the attack. According to the company, it is working to restore its services as soon as possible.

The outage began early Thursday morning, when Dish customers reported being unable to access their television services or pay their bills. Dish’s main websites, apps, and customer support systems appear to be affected, as well as Boost Mobile, a prepaid wireless carrier acquired by Dish in 2020. Dish Network has approximately 7.6 million television subscribers.

Dish has stated that it will not negotiate with the attackers and will instead focus on restoring its services on its own. However, the outage has caused significant inconvenience for the company’s customers, many of whom rely on its services for entertainment and internet access.

A spokesperson for Dish said the satellite TV company is working to restore all of its systems “as soon as possible,” but declined to comment on whether the outage was caused by a ransomware infection, as has been widely speculated on social media. Remote employees are also unable to work because Dish’s internal VPN service is unavailable, and some customers have reported being unable to pay for their services.

“We experienced a systems issue with our corporate network on February 23 that is affecting our internal servers and telephone systems, and the issue is being investigated,” the Dish spokesperson said.

The sources for this piece include article in TheRegister.


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