Microsoft, Google tries to keep up with GPT

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To keep up with customer demand, more and more businesses are turning to AI-powered chatbots following the success of ChatGPT.

Microsoft started the trend with the launch of the “new” Bing, which promises to change the way we search for things online. It also integrated AI-powered tools into its Edge browser. Microsoft used the technology behind ChatGPT to create an AI tool that it claims is “even more powerful.”

Then there was Google, which couldn’t let Microsoft get away with launching an AI chatbot that could threaten the company’s core business: search. That’s why it rushed to launch Bard, its own AI chatbot. Bard is powering the conversational AI service with Google’s in-house large language model, LaMDA, which “draws on information from the web to provide fresh, high-quality responses.” Google says the chatbot will be useful for a variety of tasks, including planning a baby shower, comparing two Oscar-nominated films, and getting recipe ideas based on the ingredients in your fridge.

Meta then created Galactica, a language model designed to help scientists and researchers by providing summaries of academic articles, solutions to math problems, the ability to annotate molecules, and other features. Then, Anthropic, an AI research company founded by former OpenAI employees, is working on its own Chat-GPT competitor called Claude, which has yet to see a full public release., for example, bills itself as the “search engine you control.” At first glance, it may appear to be a standard search engine, but it includes an AI-powered “chat” tool similar to the one Microsoft is testing on Bing. While Chinese companies such as AliBaba and Baidu are not excluded.

The sources for this piece include an article in TheVerge.


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