Nokia’s user-repairable G22: A budget Android device designed for longevity 

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In response to the growing demand for the “right-to-repair” movement, Finnish smartphone manufacturer Nokia has released a new device with user-repairable features. In collaboration with iFixit, NokiaG22 was announced as one of the first budget Android smartphones designed to be repaired at home, allowing users to swap out the battery in under five minutes.

Should the worst happen, iFixit will offer step-by-step repair guides and affordable replacement parts for the Nokia G22. The days of simple Nokia brick phones that would damage the concrete if dropped are long gone.

The Nokia G22’s QuickFix repairability and longevity-first design allow consumers to replace a broken display, charging port, or phone battery themselves and at home at a low cost. Nokia has also announced a three-year warranty extension, as well as security updates and patches.

The Nokia G22 battery replacement takes about 5 minutes and requires only the SIM ejector tool, a guitar pick, and a screwdriver. With a few extra tools, changing the display takes about 20 minutes.

The Nokia G22 is a continuation of Nokia’s recent designs, finished in plastics and available in two colors for the rear: Lagoon Blue or Meteor Grey. Flat sides are finished in plastics in a contrasting color, and the overall back is glossy. It measures 165 x 76.19 x 8.48mm and weighs 196.23g, with a recycled plastic back and IP52 protection.

It runs Android 12 and has a 6.52-inch display with a resolution of 720 x 1200. It weighs between 195g and 196g. RAM support is approximately 4GB, and virtual RAM is 2GB. Internal storage is 64GB or 128GB, with MicroSD cards supporting up to 2TB.

The sources for this piece include an article in TechRepublic.

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