Bing attains 100 million daily active user mark

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Microsoft has reported an increase in engagement, with more people conducting searches on Bing following years of steady progress, bringing it past the 100 million daily active user mark.

Microsoft’s Vice President for Modern Life, Search, and Devices, Yusuf Mehdi, acknowledged that Bing is still a small player in the search engine market, but emphasized the progress it has made since the introduction of the Bing AI chatbot. The release of Bing’s next-generation version has resulted in an increase in new users, with one-third of the platform’s daily active users being new. One-third of Bing’s daily active users are new to the search engine, according to Mehdi.

Microsoft is seeing three chats per session on average, with over 45 million chats since the launch of the new Bing. Furthermore, Bing was used to generate new content in 15% of all chat sessions. The launch of Bing’s AI chatbot on mobile has also propelled the search engine to a new level of popularity, with a six-fold increase in daily active users since it first became available.

Microsoft added that it is not only seeing an increase in new users, but it is also seeing an increase in engagement as more people conduct more searches on a daily basis. It goes on to say that two factors are driving trial and usage. One is that Microsoft Edge continues to grow in usage, as it has for the previous seven quarters, owing to the high quality of our browser. The other is that due to the introduction of the Prometheus model, its core web search ranking has taken several significant jumps in relevancy, so our Bing search quality is at an all-time high.

Microsoft said in a blogpost that; “We are also pleased to see the new Bing start to be used on mobile phones given the release of our new Bing Mobile app. On the small screen, Answers and Chat, now with voice input, are much more helpful, and have led to a 6X increase in the daily active users from pre-launch levels.”

The sources for this piece include an article in Engadget.

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