10-year-old girl spends over £2,500 on Roblox

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A 10-year-old girl from Denbighshire reportedly spent more than £2,500 on the gaming website Roblox. She carefully changed the password on her family’s iPad without her mother’s approval and made payments without authorisation.

Georgina Munday, a 44-year-old nurse in Dyserth, reported that her autistic daughter had been spending lengthy periods of time on the iPad owing to being out of school and encountering difficulty in normal schooling. Munday initially suspected a hacking event, but quickly realized that her daughter had changed the password on her own, enabling herself access to the tablet’s payment capability.

Although the majority of the transactions were at £20 each, the total amounted to over £2,500. Munday began on a difficult road to obtain a refund, participating in lengthy chats with both Apple and her bank, Tesco Bank, with no success. She then sought advice from the BBC Radio 4 consumer program “You and Yours” after becoming dissatisfied with their lack of support.

After being approached by the media, Tesco Bank overturned its first rejection and offered an apology and a full refund. Apple, on the other hand, recommended consumers to take precautionary precautions such as enabling features such as Ask to Buy, which needs consent for transactions.

The sources for this piece include an article in BBC.


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