AI pioneer expresses regret for not prioritizing safety during AI advancement

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Professor Yoshua Bengio, a well-known expert in the field of artificial intelligence, has expressed remorse to the BBC for not putting safety over usefulness in the rapid advancement of AI.

He admitted to becoming perplexed as fears about AI’s influence on mankind rise, and he even supports proposals for AI legislation. He also believes that military institutions should not have AI capabilities. Dr. Geoffrey Hinton, another major expert in artificial intelligence, agrees with Bengio and has expressed regret for his contributions to the field.

Bengio was particularly concerned about the hazards presented by “bad actors” gaini access to more sophisticated and powerful artificial intelligence systems. He emphasized the risks of programming AI to participate in negative behaviors, underlining the difficulties of stopping or avoiding damage when AI outperforms human intellect. These worries have taken their toll on Bengio, making him unsure about his life’s job, which had previously provided him with direction and a sense of identity.

Bengio also advocated continuous, dialogue, and collaboration to properly address these threats. Notably, he has just signed two statements highlighting the importance of being cautious about potential AI concerns. Although, Professor Yann LeCun, the third “godfather” of AI, has discounted apocalyptic fears, arguing that they are overstated.

The sources for this piece include an article in BBC.

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