AI automation leaves young workers behind

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The rise of generative AI is automating entry-level tasks, leaving young workers with fewer opportunities to learn and develop. Companies are using AI to replace mundane tasks that were once assigned to new hires, hindering their growth and career advancement. This issue is exacerbated by the lack of training programs and mentorship in corporate America.

Young workers already face challenges such as high student debt and limited job opportunities that require experience. The increasing reliance on AI automation worsens their predicament by eliminating even more entry-level tasks that provide valuable learning experiences.

A study by Pew Research Center shows that many young workers feel their employers don’t provide adequate training and mentorship, hindering their career development. To solve this problem, companies should invest in training and mentoring for young workers, create more entry-level positions, and consider the impact of AI on them.

The increasing use of AI in the workplace will worsen the issue. AI will replace human tasks, requiring younger workers to be highly skilled to stay competitive. To attract and keep young talent, companies should invest in training, mentoring, and create entry-level positions without experience requirements. This helps young workers develop the necessary skills for success in an AI-driven workplace.

The sources for this piece include an article in BusinessInsider.

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