Apple threatens to remove iMessage and FaceTime from U.K.

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Apple is taking a stand against the U.K.’s proposed surveillance bill, which would give the government the power to force tech companies to weaken their security features. The company has threatened to remove iMessage and FaceTime from the U.K. if the bill is passed.

The bill would require tech companies to notify the government about new security features before they are released, and to provide a backdoor for law enforcement to access encrypted messages. Apple says that this would make it easier for criminals to hack into its products, and would set a dangerous precedent for other countries.

Apple opposes informing the Home Office about security feature changes before release. They object to non-U.K. companies having to comply with global product changes, like creating encryption backdoors. Apple also criticizes the provision allowing the Home Office to demand immediate action without review when disabling features.

The Home Office, which is responsible for security in the U.K., says that the bill is necessary to keep people safe. However, Apple argues that there are other ways to achieve this goal, such as by working with law enforcement to investigate crimes. Furthermore, Apple points out that the act could threaten data security and privacy for individuals outside the U.K., potentially affecting people worldwide.

The sources for this piece include an article in Mashable.

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