Amazon staffs kick against “return-to-hub” policy

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Amazon is encountering employee pushback as it implements its “return-to-hub” policy, which requires staff to move to selected central hubs in big cities or face job termination. To increase in-person cooperation, the policy mandates teams to operate entirely from these centers rather than their present locations.

The decision was conveyed through internal emails and Slack chats. Since then, managers in Seattle, New York, Houston, and Austin, Texas, have already designated hubs for their teams, leaving employees with the option of relocating or relocating to other teams. Noncompliance after 60 days leads in “voluntary resignation.”

Critics claim that the regulation ignores the success of virtual work and creates difficulties for people who have relocated or been certified for remote employment. Over 30,000 employees joined an internal Slack channel to express their worries and ask for a reversal, which Amazon’s HR boss flatly refused. Previously, Amazon declared that it would not force employees to return to the office, but the return-to-hub policy indicates a shift in strategy.

Amazon’s spokesman responded by emphasizing the benefits of in-person employment while also mentioning that exceptions and relocation compensation will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Some jobs, such as sales and customer service, may remain distant.

The sources for this piece include an article in BusinessInsider.

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