Google propose Web Environment Integrity API

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Google has proposed a new API called Web Environment Integrity (WEI) that would allow websites to request a token from the user’s device. This token would provide information about the device’s software stack and hardware configuration.

Google claims that WEI would help to “detect fraud and ensure the authenticity of devices and software.” However, privacy advocates have raised concerns that WEI could be used to track users and collect data about their browsing habits.

One concern is that WEI could be used to block ad blockers. Ad blockers are software that prevent ads from loading on websites. This can save users money and improve their browsing experience. However, ad blockers are a threat to Google’s advertising business.

If WEI is used to block ad blockers, it would give Google more control over the web. Google could use WEI to force users to view ads, even if they have installed an ad blocker. This would be a significant threat to user privacy and the open web.

Another concern is that WEI could be used to collect data about users’ browsing habits. The token that WEI generates would include information about the user’s device and software stack. This information could be used to track users and build profiles of their browsing habits.

Google has said that it will not collect personal information from WEI tokens. However, privacy advocates are concerned that this information could be used to identify users or to build profiles of their browsing habits.

The sources for this piece include an article in AnalyticsIndiaMag.

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