Google push for unrestricted AI training

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Google has told Australian regulators that it wants to be able to use any data to train its AI systems, unless the copyright owners expressly opt-out.

This proposal would allow Google to mine the content of websites and other online sources without permission. Publishers would have to actively opt-out of having their data used for AI training, which could be difficult and time-consuming.

Google argues that this proposal is necessary for the development of AI in Australia. The company says that AI systems need a wide variety of data to train on, and that requiring publishers to opt-out would allow for a more flexible and efficient system.

Critics of the proposal argue that it would give Google too much power over the Australian media landscape. They say that Google could use its market dominance to pressure publishers into opting out of AI training, which would stifle innovation and competition.

The Australian government is still considering Google’s proposal, and it is unclear whether it will be implemented. However, the debate over this issue highlights the growing concerns about the power of Big Tech companies and the potential impact of AI on society.

The sources for this piece include an article in AppleInsider.

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